Friday , June 9 2023

Downtown Denny launches diplomatic offensive


The FIG Business leaders They used it Unusual private audiences With One of the main regulators in China To express them Do not worry On the Chinese economic policies, C jumpingWithin the crucial trade talks in Washington.

At dinner on Tuesday Davos World Economic Forum, Siao Yaking, Chairman of the State Asset Supervision and Administration Committee, held talks with Executive Heads of major Chinese and international companies. This move was part of Chinese strategic attack in Dawoz this year. The evening's vice president Wang Kishan said.

Liu Wahi, the next Chinese merchant, aims to seek support for the international trade community to end the US-China trade war with Washington visiting Washington next week. Dispute is the biggest threat to the global economy.

Loans from China

Co-founder of Alibaba Group Holding, President of Foshan International Jack Jack, and leaders of big Chinese companies. They have met top executives from more than 20 global companies HSBC Holdings, Standard Chartered, Morgan Stanley, Siemens, Based on the two sources in the incident.

The two countries have urged further cooperation and agreed to more communications to understand China.

However, foreign deputies expressed concern about China's intellectual property, ownership of state-owned enterprises, and 2025 policies built in China, leading the world in artificial intelligence and robotics.

China and its desire to conquer the internet

Those problems Complaints of the Trump government regarding China, That would have led to the US $ 250,000 million tariff. This week, Dawo is the trade wars of China and future expectations. Delivers are hoping that the global financial meltdown can avoid a financial meltdown.

"A part of uncertainty and uncertainty happens between America and China is very important for economic growth, Carlos Pascal, Senior Vice President of Global Energy at the US Ambassador IHS Markett, said: "During the Barack Obama administration,

Karimy Lam, Hong Kong's Executive Director said this Bloomberg Television On March 1, the US and China could enter a permanent trade agreement before the end of their three months of peace agreement.

The USA China has been modifiedStructural"In its intellectual property laws, it eliminates the capital controls that regulate foreign ownership of Chinese companies of several international companies.

China is demanding more US agricultural and energy exports and White House demands. The Trump government can think about the unregulated trade imbalance.

Some Chinese government are heads of companies. They met senior executives at over 20 leading companies such as HSBC Holdings, Standard Chartered, Morgan Stanley, Siemens and Siemens.

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