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Dollar and stock exchanges gave good news on the last day of the G-20 holidays

Smaller activity, reverse and stock markets seen on the streets of Downtown Buenos Aires, made a slight increase in the cycle with some activities up to Friday's Leeds Summit.

The FIG At the close of Wednesday's trade, it was 80 cents lower at -1.84%. The rupee recovered to 38.80 dollars a barrelA margin has been found at the level of non-invention sector that is still governed by the Central Bank. Represents the fall Inflation rose on Monday for the third consecutive day following the onset of monetary easing..

Retail and Wholesale Trade (declining to 37.72 dollars), after 13 hours, closed the banking operations in the market. Yesterday, the stock market rose 1.3 per cent.

Next Monday, The non-intervention zone's range would be $ 46.72, and the land will be at $ 36.10.The sharp increase since November has come to 5 per cent.

In the stock market, the results were optimistic The Merval Index stood at 31,593 units, up 1.5 percent. Meanwhile, major stocks of Bosla B Merardos Argentines (BIMA MLA) have achieved an increase of 2.8 per cent this week.

The works of Teneris have declined by 4.4% since its president and CEO announced. Pavol RockeIn the case of KVV Notebooks, the sovereign boats of the Electronic Open Market (MSE), at the same time showed a steady rate and dropped by 0.2% per month. The risk of the country is 703.

Liquidity Letters have reduced their interest rate from 61.198% to 60.753%. 43420 million pesos increased due to the expiration of this period from Laaylor's term of 145.725 million.

In the USA there has been an increase in ADRs. Telecom (-1.8) and Tenaris (-2.8) are in the red. Pampa (+ 5.4%), Banco Galatia, Banco Francis (+ 4.8%) and Edener (4%) also increased.

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