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Diego Rainhall abandoned a mobile phone but came back and took a microphone and complained to the airline – 31/01/2019

Everything was going smoothly. Diego Rainhole (45) and Villa Carlos Paz Summer flowerThat program See the flower (43) leads City Magazine, Compelling questions a string They took him Unexpectedly abandoned the mobile.

Every angry outburst from every square foot on this Wednesday's air was the panelist's "Pumpitto "Pellello Asir Diego began to investigate about the participation Dancing 2014.

"It was a matter of surprise for you, you were very much in the eyes of the storm … that's why I asked …The journalist said he had no reaction from the interview.

"But why is the controversial"The comedy hindered," You have fought everyone. You have fought Nacha (Che Guevara) Angel (From Britain). That's why I said, "Perele said to Eurur.

"How not mange, i did not understand …"Rainhall reprimanded."Yes, you did fight Angle D. Brito and Guevara. Or are i mad"The snake repeated again.

"Nacha nothing more"Acting on the performance of the dance show, the actor said about the strong battle with the singer. Showmach. "With Angle the Brito"Prompted journalists.


"I do not understand why you are telling the angel. What was the fight with the Ein?"The joke in that drama searched him.

Then Perera tried to remember him: "Production Summer flower, It's very fast, just seen Crossing with Ank D. Brito. I do not remember, but it's … "

But Reynolds did not allow it to finish. "Oh, how heavy, bag", He was inaugurating the actors when he stopped, he came back and he did mobile and left it in the chair a few seconds ago

"No, I do not think I'm a liar. These characters do not get so much attention"Due to his pomp, Diacock had no hesitation.

"Little patience!"At that moment the journalist complained that he was laughing, Rosy Marengo (38) commented: "Nahvel (a playwright at mobile) You love that pumpkin destroyed … what a discomfortable moment"

"Friend, what happened"Sudden Flo asked, with a serious concern Mar Dale Plata, Where he season with music Well done Argentina.

"Two minutes I'm in negligence, you take one from my cell phone Pumptto! "In the middle of the laughter, the driver could not even tell what was happening. The camera has turned off the hold of the rainbow, Suddenly Something unexpected happened.

He said, when he realized that he was still in the sky, he withdrew, took the microphone and complained:There were 400 paras gas and toilets here. So not, guys, that's it. I came here to get well"

"We're not doing it badly, we asked. If anything I do not like, it is disgusting on television. I will not try, my aim is to ask all the time respectfully and with any other answer, "the pump has ended.

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