Sunday , January 29 2023

Diaryo Uno – Rekwella: "I can not believe what happened to me"


The football football tournament is held everywhere between River Plate and Boca Juniors for Copa Libertadoros D Amérix. Antonio Vespuio, in connection with the Liberty stadium surrounding the Xenize bus, ten and fifteen cocañer fans in the glasses collapsed and the players collapsed. It affected the tire gear players who were threatened in the area.

After announcing the meeting rescheduling on Sunday evening at 17am, different characters in the sport world talked about it. Juan Román Rickelme invited to the program did not want to avoid this issue.

The former midfielder of La Riiba Claude, Blue is one of the words in the golden atmosphere. Measure, he said: "they are, the game is no longer a problem, the most important thing that the player is seriously parikkella, unwilling to rest, I spoke with some of aviteyullavaril. It is necessary for health, because it can not trust in the box to be able to live in and how it happened, I was in court, it should be a party "

Jaunan Roman continued his testimony, that justice was not functioning properly and what happened. "I'm a mess, looking at all those who do, people do not do anything, they do not stop them, we should think and do not have the internship for the Boca players, what's happened," said 40-year-old former football player.

He indicated reprogramming of the Sangh Parivar and suggested that the collision may be shifted for a few days. "It's a game, it's an athlete, you're winning, you're going to own, you're playing for ninety minutes, rather than proud, two of the country's greatest teams are in the finals, we have to talk about this," he said. He does not want to play until good players do it, "said Roban, who was 38 when he was wearing Barke's shirt.

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