Sunday , January 29 2023

Diary Uno – A major hailstorm falls in the eastern territories


According to the Twitter site Las Catatas Mendoza, this Sunday, East Mendoza landed in strong rain, wind and coal.

Despite the heavy losses in cities in La Paz and Santa Rosa, the outcome of the manufacturing sector is still unknown.

Despite the climate change predictions about the lonely storm opportunities, a "supercell" was surprised by its neighbors.

As a result of heavy storms, there was a rise in the hospital rain in Las Pal.

How is the time

The Met department has reported a storm lying on Sundays Sunday, according to the Met department. The weather forecasters say rainfall is expected on Monday morning or Sunday morning. Sunday Sunday, in the first days of the week, rises to 29 degrees Celsius, partially winds and catatot catatoges. In the week, there will be a drop in temperature. 24 degrees.

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