Friday , January 27 2023

Despite the crisis, the loan was not positive any more online


Fint, who has registered online loans this year, has increased. But they decided to deal with the economic recession and take further risks. They plan to introduce new products next year. "Depending on the Macro Economics, one is getting less or faster, now we see a risk in a default context," he said. Ezequiel Weisstaub, Founder and CEO of Bindy Group.

However, the businessman said: "We believe that there is a great opportunity for financial technology in Argentina." Credit Suisse from 2016 aims to increase their customer base seven times in 2016. "We hope that starting at lowering of macro, lowering rates and improving jobs and employment opportunities," he said.

The CEO of the Bundy Group Group and Finando Vaskways said: "This crisis is not a good opportunity and it looks at the delayed payments made in late 2001 and does not lend more money.

Together with these words, Juan Pablo Brosso, Co-founder of Monte Finetex, thinks that the company is "growing every year for 3 years" and will grow this year. In Argentina, the situation needs precaution and it is possible to understand that the economy will actually weaken.

He said the draft would increase the public sector stance and it was less than monetary system. "We started a trust with 100% digital assets, which was very low in May.

On the other hand, Alberto Garcia The CEO Office in Shops, Chains, and Motor Cycle Agencies on Consumer Loans says: "There is a decline in consumption from the mid-year to the present situation." He confirmed that 2019 views are positive. He hoped that consumption would be restored in the first quarter of 2019.

"Because we strive to work continuously with businesses and agencies, they are our strategic partners, and our B2C digital platform, which is attractive and easy for consumers, is a competitive and competitive alternative.

Local activity

In the meantime, a representative of Fernech Versailles in Argentina, Salvador Cologor, Indicates that the year is very good and that 90% of the volume and 60 percent in the volume level have increased.

"Demand is very good, but the financial situation is paying attention to foreign investors and they need to have a permanent macro-background," he said.

The group was continuously injured in regional activities. At present 12,000 pesas are distributed up to 30 days. But in March, Quatta is expected to start functioning because the situation improves. The market capitalization has been demanded to reduce interest rates, as other channels have been shut down. VISA has been funded from shareholders in abroad, "he said.

He concludes: "The next year is a better viewpoint, so we work to create a bigger amount Partners As prepaid, we can adapt to a long-term client in relation to security. "(The tel)

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