Thursday , August 11 2022

Del Peiray: "La Juventus is a bit dear"


In the long game, the first ball of the second round UEFA Champions LeagueWhere is Juentus Measure Atlático de MadridIn the history of Vecchia Signora, Tia analyzed Tia by taking a microphone. Alessandra del Paíero, A dialogue with Marca about the tension between the Turnpole and the Colonero in the Metropolitan Vandah, the Juvenile Stadium (a sprinter on Sky Sports Chair).

Priyanka is considering which team the priority of the team. "If we think the season's limits, I think jautertis is a bit favorite, but athleticio does not consider a syndrome because it is a very good team, it plays well at home and away, it's a very safe team, very solid, it's very hard, the simonon and the algree net Machinery and technical experts. Pratiphalippikkunnuvennatinre their teams, is proof of their identity. Atticus celea, the head and the heart juvantas alegriyute "safe

Cristiano Ronaldo is included in the Italian team. It's like Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano is playing the same jugget when it comes to performing well. He wants all matches to win over all the matches. It is a perfect marriage. The rush of time is the season and the juvenile is the best Ronaldo and Ronaldo. Juventus Ronaldo, why do you look at something favorite in the quartet?

Among other players, Alazando highlighted Paulo Dibala and Mario Mansuki. "The shadow of Ronaldo is long, but Dibela is an incredible player, like the golden alchemy for Manduskuk, the good of the squares and the Douglas Costa, I love them and they are very fast," the former batsman said.

Del Pierro closed up talking about Ceero. The junetes leads the competition: "I'm a junior betrayal of Italy's vechia Sierra and the rest of the teams, we're proud of the league, but the difference between teams is far from other leagues, but it's true that we're working to improve it."

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