Wednesday , September 28 2022

Dates confirmed for the "Mini" Summer Tournament


The FIG Summer Tournament 2019 Many changes were required to be made Superlative calendar. And this will start at the end of January, because it's like a club The draft dates for the river must be completedThat month is 19th.

So they will be some parties There will not be super classic crossing. Will attend San Lorenzo and hurricane, They should clash with the Classic Catch for Sunday's local tour.

Date (matches 22.10)

14/1 – Racing Vs. Gymnastics (Mar del Plata)

15/1 – Nationalists River (New Delhi)

16/1 – Boca vs union of Santa Fe (Mar del Plata)

18/1 – Free, Gymnastics (Mar del Plata)

19/1 – Racing Vs. Rosario Central (Mar del Plata)

20/1 – Boca vs Aldosivi (Mar Dell Plata)

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