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Danny Alwes portrayed the pilgrimage of the river Beta in Madrid

Brazilian player Danny Alavas of Brazilian Brazilian player Paris on December 9 expressed his anger over the Copa Libertadores final, which plays at Santiago Bernabéu.

"I see a boca river outside South America, which is the biggest disgrace I have ever seen, a chance to see me as a football player, as a South American, in this respect all respect" He began his preaching.

The former winger, who won the Lionel Messi in Barcelona, ​​sat on the site of the fan of the river that can not participate in the competition: "I do not think people who do what has happened do happen to a bad people." This is the only chance they can see a Boca River in the final because they can not see it. They have changed Europe. "

In addition, he said that he would solve the problem: "I can not do anything, but because I'm a South American football player and footballer, I think I have the right and the responsibility to express my opinion: I hope that this is not the best thing about the people who do not have anything to do, Those who are not educated, they are educated by teaching good manners, and when they go to court, they are passionate, passion fanatics ".

Recently, Boca was a well-known assistant and he was produced in court. Within a month from the injured pitch he kept him away.

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