Thursday , June 8 2023

Daniel Grinkback on La Berrios: "I will never cooperate with them"


The businessman is referring to the controversial statement of rock band, Rolo Sartori, gay and vegon.

Giselle Lakeshark

Daniel Grinbank, owner of "DF Entertainment" canceled negotiations with the Morris Show in Argentina. In an English language interview, Kowan accepted the behavior of Spice.

Double-Grinbeck denounces La Berzio for his controversial statements by his singer Rale Sartori. Twitter account is an entrepreneur and manufacturer led by Ring Stone's 2016 bandwagon. "I can not work with them."

In the noble tradition of the town of Cordoba, Sardorios came to the gay and verandahs. His words were immediately discouraged on networks in the industry.

After questioning a Twitter account, this was alleged: "Daniel Grinbank, the last criticism for the introduction of La Berrico with Stones, was the last one to come."

Immediately, the manufacturer grabbed Glow: "After seeing the catastrophic video in Cordoba, I really pity myself with shame and I will not work with them," he said.

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