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"Dancing 2018": Solomon Fandando Emmerlama Mitter dismissed

(Video Showcase – El Trace)

This is less than a month after the end DancingThere are only five people to define four semifinals of the current edition.

That is why every week and night it is very emotionally wiping and avoiding the country's most popular track.

By this time, Jamina Baron was the one who saved two couples, Mica Visconto, Emeralara Meter And Solandad Fondino.

At the jury's decision, the first couple was to save Jimena Baron And Mauro Kiyasa. "They're far better than the gal, more connected, and anything else", shoots them Larita Fernandes When you come to justify your decision.

Finally, The last couple who were saved by split vote reached the top of the competition in nine Mica ViscontoLiving on Fandiño And Emeralara Meter For telephoto voting.

Then, Perhaps many were surprised, and it was the previous pair Resident 65.56 percent of the votes were won Among the people.

"Thank you all, I'm so excited. Thanks Santi, a Carte, FedEx, Chat, Polio thanks, a Flower, The lorita, the angel, and you are forcing me to stay here. As a woman, I have a growth as an artist, "said Eselletda at her farewell hours.

"I've seen incredible people, all people, cameras and people in control. In front of me, my soul, my soul, I have learned to open up and talk very much,"He added.

"I'm trying to help me to sleep, sorry, I could not get my dream done, I'm very happy. Mars Really, I was very happy, I was very happy, and this time around was fun. I do not have words to explain How much did I spend with you, "she ended with joy.

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