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"Dancing 2018": Sol Perez proved to be the worst thing about his former footballers

(Video "Shomach", thirteen)

She is one of the most beautiful women in Argentina. Still, men do not behave very much with them while they are entertaining. So he agreed to the track Dancing Own Seoul PerezChoosing the former Footballers did not have the best experiences.

"When you go with football players, for example, the Eduile Palacios, Did he mention Aristotelian language? I'm dying here"He asked Marcelo Tennelli After declaring that he loves those who talk to him about "philosophy of life."

We sat down We've talked about life "She replied. "We're all talking about life," the driver said.

"For example, when I look back for years, my fingers were cut off, and I'm happy to talk to you about what you are experiencing, what you need or what you need for your life. My three best wishes are & # 39; Say; I had a very elite girlfriend and gave me a voucher on my birthday. ", Said the former Weather girl.

"It's half of the football players CaughtDid you live then? ¿Magellan It was Boca Was captured"He thought Tinley.

"I was accepted by someone else. It was a river known previously. I want him to give me a chocolate. But he brought to me the transfer that was given to him"She agreed.

"Soccer Shorts, River Shorties?" San Lorenzo's vice president asked.

"No, for example They are a women's shoe sponsored brand"The sun was sincerity." They CaughtThey are mice. I was very much invited, "he adds.

"He gave me dinner for dinner and never made me laugh." Mother is a Witness and tells us when we are going. "But he did not have time for me. Finally we went, voucher had already passed, and I paid for it.", The participant stopped DancingHe, along with the suspicious devices, was limited to telling him that he played the National Bale.

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