Friday , September 30 2022

Criminals and Vaccine Anti-Groups have been accused of measuring 5,000 cases.


In part of Europe, one of the best discussions of the year was the annual anti-war movements, with the highest recognition for Argentina. And its consequences. This phenomenon, led by social networks, threatens life. This is the responsibility of a high-volume 5th collection in 20 years.

The World Health Organization today reported the Guardian report. In Europe, there are more than 60,000 poets this year, more than twice the year in 2017, the highest level of the century. There have been more than twice the number of deaths in 2017.

Health experts have warned that prevention of vaccines against vaccine skeptics, drugs, cervical cancer, influenza, and other diseases can be reduced. Social networks and right-wing populists seem to have a doubt about medical authorities.

European Union health commissioner Vitenius Andrakutis has accused the right-wing Popular Party leaders of being accused of the opposition. Antichititis, a former forerunner expert, says: "It's not only for me, but for all scientific societies, epidemics, pediatricians, experts in epidemiology, and many health ministers."

Anti-vaccine groups are encouraged because the vaccine is not effective.

Anti-vaccine groups are encouraged because the vaccine is not effective.

"It is unusual for the deaths of children die from the fifth year, and by 2020 we promised Europe will be free of charge, and it is dangerous," he said.

Says Berkley, head of the World Vaccine Alliance, said: "Sickness is the disease." Without a powerful power all over the world, vaccination is very difficult, where institutions and facts are regularly questioned and develops lies, "he said.

Haydie Larson, director of the vaccine trust project at the London School of Hijri and Tropical Medicine, said: "We are in a very weak spot at this time.

World Health Organization, European Union, USA They have formed groups to investigate the causes of increased hearing on the effectiveness of U vaccines. They will seek ways to help people assure them. Larson said: "The tone of the WHO has changed how important and serious it is, because many other countries have come to them and say: Can you help us?

The United States, Poland, and France have been affected by popular vaccines from the right wing. Support parental rights not to impose immunity in countries where the schools are not established before the start of schools. A setback and specialists say.

"They are very irresponsible," adds the antichitis. "What can we see in this popular movement? It's very important to see what they are doing now in power."

Recent statistics show a strong connection between vaccination fees and the widening of the fifth phase.

In 2010, an increase in the vaccination rate in France increased in case of measles cases last year. In Italy, after the deficit in 2014, the number of cases has increased in hundreds of cases a few months. Vaccination limit in Romania is less than 90% in 2014. Over 1000 cases were detected every month by 2017. It warns Europe and the world.

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