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Court declined an order from Sergio Maldonado – 11/27/2018

Serbia Maldonado's claim is denied. The Supreme Court has investigated the death of his brother Santiago in the water of the kiss on the kiss.

The complaint of Maldonado represented the suppression of Route 40 in the market in August 2017 in Jantar Mai's market crossings. Because a group of independent experts, And also associated with an investigation conducted by the Federal District Court of Escalade. For Sergio Maldonado, only with this external intervention "ensure a comprehensive, effective, non-partisan and independent investigation".

Judge to be a teacher Not orderedIn the case of events in the Newquay, to understand that the natural justice of the Esquay federal justice system,

Against that decision, the Federal Appeals Chamber filed a complaint with Comodo Ria The judge's interpretation of the first case was validated.

The complaint was filed against this verdict A cassation appeal has been declined Federal Chamber Criminal Cassation Room IV.

On Wednesday, the Ministry rejected the petition filed by Carlos Rosentherts, Juan Carlos Macduver, Ricardo Laurentiatti and Horacio Rosati.

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