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Course change: Boca players decided to play in the final if Competition rule is negative

Olasas and Sarat are in training before the fall of the columb Credit: @ Boca Gems Official



The club's president today said,

Daniel Andzie,

They will play in the final

Libertador's Cup

Before the United States


If you fail

Come on

After heavy rains last weekend at the Maramalal Stadium, the request to win the game will adversely affect the request.

In this situation, the Petro Pompilio site, located on Amarya Kosa Amarylli, spoke to coaching guerilla Beroez Sclotto and the other players near Bombay. Before the start of the training, the club's board of directors decided to "sign a contract", as it was expected, the compiler disciplinary unity club rejected the request.

Players said they were not in "physical and emotional state" because they had suffered a bus in the mornings but were not playing on weekly, river, Saturday or Sunday. Even in the entrance of the stadium, Captain Pablo Perez was shifted to the Omanendi hospital to look for the left eye with an ambulance.

The Libertadores will continue the legal proceedings regardless of the desire of the squad to cope with the river in the final twice and twice the club comb.

If the decision on discipline is bad, go to the TAS (Sports Arbitration Court) if the bokeh appeal and the result of the result are repeated. This last step will require a lot of time, so judicial proceedings continue to play in the final.

On the 14th of the Dead Sea, against the valid Induendente, the Kaka Amarilla boka trains with a classic view of Avellaneda in Avellaneda. This will be played using an arbitration of nucleovio Dario hertra from 19.20.

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