Thursday , September 29 2022

Country without risk of breaking risk: 800 crossings; Marwar: 2.4%


An indicator prepared by the bank JP Morgan Up to 80% 2.2% (17 units) Sovereign boats falling down. It's about Level This is the highest rate in four years. On December 16, 2014, the company had reached 823 units.

So, until this year, the indicator is making a big jump Approximately 130% jumpFrom 351 points registered by the end of 2017; Inside The number increased by 14% in the month.

"The risk of homelessness is near and close to dollar low bands." Funds (IMF) will ensure a repayment of debt by December 2019, partly refusing, but on a long-term basis for sustainable ""Said Fedora Fureas, financial expert at Eco-Go, consultancy firm.

In the minds of the investors, it loses Economic uncertainties before the presidential election of 2019, high inflation and uncertainties.

On the other hand, the surcharge measured index of countries in the international market, which influenced the index. "Flight-to-Quality" US rate reduction in yield for 10 years, Explained in the market.

In fact, these yields decreased Less than eight months (2,748%), reverse wav is flatIn a session reviewed by the Federal Reserve's plans to stem the monetary policy of investors.

Wednesday a Wednesday a Slightly more tone More than in previous meetings, but it was under one project Support for the economy continues to be withdrawn.

In addition, he added some additional increases in interest rates Great sale of marine products did not stop.

"Some people expect a more radical change in this statement, reduce the economic outlook or dependence on financial data, or make such a unique or unique relationship" Bleck Guin, a interest rate interest in NatWest Market in Stamford, Connecticut. "So, perhaps, it was a little disappointing," He added.

In this framework, The major bonds with dollars (running on pasoos) have waned. Argentine law lost 1.4% in demand. Bonor 2024 will be given 1%; 2020 Bonar dropped by 0.4%. The dollar variants decreased to 1.1% (AA25D).


As part of that Portina Bag Wall Street's decline is because of the shortage of power companies and banks.

Index Marwar de Boulsa Mardosado Argentines (BYMA) He's lost 2.4 per cent and 29,242.75 points respectively It was up by 0.6 per cent on Wednesday.

Pampa Nirgia's shares lost 6.4%, followed by Mtoragas (-5.8%); Banco macro (-4.2%).

The trading volume reached the reach of shares $ 547.6 million.

Contrary to the global crisis, "December is taking encouraging positions in the stock market months after the stock market collects the balance sheet of many deposit funds in the context of dynamic development, demand of money, and illiquid background", Analyst assistant hectare Tavares commented.

He added that "The question of the result of the next election creates more uncertainty."

Another news that affected the local market was low in oil prices. WTI fell by 4.8 percent to $ 45.88 a barrel, There are at least 17 minutes worries similar to Wall Street's downfall.

Argentine stock in Wall Street

Sometimes listed on the Wall Street, Argentina shares dropped more than 6%.

Major accidents have been registered Take (-6.4%); Corporation Amissa (-5.6%); Transportation of gas cylinders (-4.4%).

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