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Corruption takes over K property and applies to the extinction of Dominion – 01/21/2019


Part of homes, hotels, vehicles, pictures, departments, heavy machines, boats, personal flights A comprehensive list of products Their counterparts, including Cristina Kirerner, Julio de Vido, Jose Lopez, Lazaro Bose, and Christoph Lopez, have imposed a $ 8 million bribe on charges of corruption. Some may be prevented, others are in the court of justice. These judges can use the judiciary for the fate of the dominion of the dominion that came into effect on Tuesday, with the official Bulletin publication.

The Federal Judiciary system has increased the role of former officials such as former president and experienced industrialists. Precautionary measures They will investigate the cases of black money, black money, black money and repeat offenses in various files.

In judicial cases, the sentence of the culprits was involved in precautionary measures When commodities were personalized, there were official communication in various state registrars.

In Hotzur case (signature of Kirkun family) There are still more than 2000 personal belongings For the whole of the accused: housing, departments, land, vehicles, shares of the company, and the failure of each major accused by adding 800 million pesos per month.

Judge Er Kölin is regarded as judicial interventions and defense of material goods, and the appropriation of patriotism. Of the 74 companies involved in the investigation, there were 400, 1,688 automobiles, 111 banking products and corporate partner.

Lazarus Baes

The biggest blockade is encountered by industrial loujaro bosses. Judge Sebastian Kazanello is known as Money Route K He locked up a $ 600 million subsidy. The Magistrate suffered a broad list of precarious possessions.

About 1,412 belongings and industrialist K. Ramesh, Vehicles that have been acquired in KK ten years. The value of these assets is $ 205 million.

K. The Responsible Federal Orphic Court 4 (TFF) of the Money Route Trial will be auctioned in the state. The repair works are very expensive and the Ministry of Transport has given the plane. The security of the country.

Meanwhile, 140 Austral conventional machines are in the national division of the Judicial Depository.

In the hands of analyzing the current value of goods, the remaining four hands are in the hands of the remaining parts, housing, departments, companies headquarters, trade events, service stations and 60 stays.

Christina Kirkner

The sons of the former president and children are Massimo and Florencia, and Justice Nestrician Kirkner's asset succeeded in reducing the 25 traits he had created. In the case of fraud against the public, the prosecutor said that prosecutor Gerardo Polícia has crossed $ 100 billion, and the Honda truck ownership of the three companies added.

On the other hand, Judge Ernie Coliny, a judge in Hosurur, decided to intervene in the Kirkund Family Hotels hotel, and fled for 6 million dollars against Florentia Kirkner. They were in a safe deposit box.

This will only interfere with the companies in the Kirunar family. Now there is a real estate agency in the hands of senate children, Los Sussez SA and judicial controllers. In this case, the renting of Christoph Lopez continues to be able to celebrate a new contract with new tenants. The property of the real estate was blocked.

Cristobal Lopez, Fabian de Sosa

The owner of the Landloo Group arrested the accused. Where was he caught? The allegation that a $ 8 million fraud was reportedly received. An imported 17,000 dollars was locked. Prosecutor Gerardo personalized the politically privileged property and the judge asked for his influence for Julian Er Köln.

Among the goods, La Ensenada Ranchi seized 7,200 hectares and a winter place known as Alma Gaucha which contains 3,400 hectares. This small tourist complex has two cabins with four rooms. Narwas Chico offers visitors a chance to visit the Grande Glaciers.

There are six buildings in El Califate and 6 buildings in Buenos Aires Lake. In addition,Los Notos is catching up It was the intermediary of Maxwello Kirner's partner, Oswaldo Sanfielis.

In Chubut, its homeland has the most wealth. Ten buildings in Komodo Riavia, two of them in the Hertrakachra Country Club area.

By divorce, Christoph Lopez has 51% of the seven assets and 3/8 of six of the six sisters.

Cars and movie houses. Demanding the influence of one car, a Mercedes-Benz "cargo transport" and a Dortmund home home.

And so on BusinessOnly 62 of 181,548 dollars were sold in 170 of heavier materials such as Invertorro M & S, 783 vehicles and oilcontacts. 372 cars and trucks from the manufacturing company CPC SA.

Boats Christoph Lopez has four boats. There are about one-third of the wine viruses. Only one of the more radical ones was baptized into Patagonia.

The flight Three companies have sought a precautionary measure. Three of these planes are in the forefront. The Bombardier Livergate 40 XR, owned by CPC SA: market price is $ 53,625,000. This is in discussions with people who can buy it.

In addition, there are two lenses connected to the LV-BVV license plate, beach card model C 90, AVV-Fooh license plate and beach card model C 90 GT. Invercrolo M & S Registration Requested to seize an LV-BRB personnel, Beach Guard Model 58-P.

Cristobal Lopez's partner Fabian D'Sosa invested more in cars than in homes. There are three properties in the province of Cuba.

Polaris Brand Ranger, Model Year 2010, BMW 2-door sedan, Model Year 2011, Another BMD 4-Watted Model 2013). In addition, the BMW Road Road and Car Rack pickup cap in 2014.

Dézouza's assets hit 17,000 million, and BMW and other Harley Davidson's models of BMW Motorcycles 2011 and 2012. In addition, a 2013 model 2013 broke by a celebrity broker broke.

Riccardo Ekatery

A few months ago (October 19, 2017) to say that the Tigre Party is in the house of the Egay family welfare house, the police are trying to stop him from trying to stop the good. "

There are two cars, a Citrone sedan, an ICA and model 1958.

Julio de Vido, Jose Lopez, Carlos Kirkner

In the case of fraud on the public, prosecutor Julio de Vido and two vehicles were affected. The details of Jose Lopez include seven buildings, a boat and a car. Carlos Kirner has eight, one boat and seven cars.

Koyamat's notebooks are cos

In the beginning of the case, Judge Claudia Bonitao kidnapped Two hundred fifty (250) pictures of works Recently a group of businessmen, and 33-year-old Christian Kirerner in the department of Uruguay and Junkal in the Richmond neighborhood.

In addition, over $ 40 million was seized in various operations. In addition to U $ S 1,245,000 and € 235,000.00, there are many images of guns, mobile and electronic equipment as well as numerous brands and models.

Judicial sources say 40 per cent of the money has already been affected by the progress of the investigation. Clarin.

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