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Cool hands It may be ten possible reasons


Bad blood circulation:

Sometimes, it is as simple as not exercising correctly until blood fingers. Fortunately, not always responding to serious causes, you can correct the changes in your lifestyle.

2. Anemia:

Anemia, ie, a lower center of red cells in the blood, is not only a symptom of the disease, but also a symptom of other diseases, such as menstruation. The cooling of crops and the leg is anemia's signature.

3. Blocked Arteries:

The absorption of fat in the arteries will prevent the flow of blood to the outside. Please note that this will reduce the risk of heart disease.

4. Rain syndrome:

It is a stomach disorder that causes glow of fingers. These membranes fall to the outside of the bloodstream. Pressure and cold actually increase these symptoms.

5. Scarleterama:

This self-immune system affects skin and adjacent tissues, such as blood vessels. The body produces an additional collagen.

6. Centering:

Physical exercise increases blood pressure, so sedentary lifestyle may be adversely affected.

7. Smoking Physiotherapy:

Tobacco has been linked with impediments to injuries and disruptions, as seen earlier, blood and cold blood circulation.


If it is not well treated, then the diabetes circulates blood circulation and the repairing of the blood goes smoothly.

9. Woman Sex:

In a study conducted in the United States in 1998, the average temperature for women's hands is two degrees below that of men, due to the hormone causes.

10. Pregnancy:

During the early stages of pregnancy, the temperature of the vapor increases, and that is why some women find that their material is more cold.

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