Thursday , September 29 2022

Considering the crisis in this sector, some dealers can get up to 0% to 40% discount


It was a year for the automotive industry in 2018. Some companies have decided to buy 40% discount on certain companies. Companies decided to reduce the deficits, price hikes, shutdown of some stores, and shut downs.

If we grow in the last few months, we will sell 260,000 units by mid-2019, Last year, sales were down 40 percent.

Without losing pensions from the manufacturers of the bands, we offer 40% discount on some of the models for cars to stop the remaining sheets with red numbers.

According to Millippo financiero, in many cases they sell to the required number.

This happened because 2018's market sold one million units. However, the dollar's depreciation and the 100% increase in price has fallen to just 800.

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