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Cinthia Fernendez volv a defensive contra No: no puedo darle mis nenas a persona

Cinthia Fernndez y Matas Defederico se llevan muy mal. There is a great deal of relation between 3 hermosas hijas, hoy no se pueden ver! Constantemente protagoniza grandes escondalos donde involucran a sus pequeas. Loses a car with a car and it lasts for a long time. Ahora, volvieron a batallar y Cinthia The terminale is a single fray.

La participante del Bailando The public una foto en su cuenta de Instagram festejando el Francesca Francesca. There is an image on the site, Martn Baclini, las 3 ni sus sus dos abuelas. Muchsimos medios has sent a message that defines the mood of the defender, the real real time period. There is no question of my love, but it is not in my mind that we are not merely being misinterpreted.

Pero Fernndez There is no answer to the Involucrados, and the program is available on the panel. "There is no question of a person who is not a person, because he does not like him as he does not have a son. ", expres la bailarina muy enojada.

Matas estaba viendo a program for the form of a visit to the declarations of the anti-mujer and the respondent Twitter. "Yo no acus, Pero tranquilos, que maana aclaro to the conjugation of the truth is that there is no doubt that he is in the middle of the day and he is the same person!", Sent to deport.

Meses atrs, la morocha There is a deeper understanding of the antipuoses. My family did not meet me because I was determined to meet with me and met me to meet me. Era su decisin y yo me mantena al margen, hasta que nacieron mis hijas y la cosa cambi. If there is a precedent, it is not the same as the previous one, but it does not matter if you do not have a pedophile. Hoy por hoy, mis nenas tienen relacin con el abelo, pero con la madre no. Yo hago cargo de eso, no quiero.

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