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Cinthia Fernández y Defenderico se cruzaron fuerte

En Involucrados, a program that does not have a panel, has been queued over and has no contact with fluid console.

"No puedo darle a wrong nenas a person does not have any conocen. Distinto serials are currently present, as they do not. You have no son un paquete. Do you have a question about how to do that? ", He said, adding that this is not the same as that of the demands of the country and the culprits of the aliens.

Almost all of us are on twitter and Twitter. "Yo no acusé. Pero tranquilos, que mañana aclaro todo con pruebas como siempre lo hice. ¡Para seguir luchando para que el día de mañana mis hijas sepan siempre la verdad de lo que foy y soy como persona! ", escribió.


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