Thursday , November 14 2019
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Chronicle for the third straight day, the dollar declined

The rupee fell by a whopping 1.84 per cent and 4.9 per cent in the last quarter since last October's price. 38.80 USD. .

The Wholesale Price Index declined 1.92 per cent to $ 37.72 a barrel in Thursday's trade. At the same time, the US currency surged by 4.92 per cent.

Because of the restrictions imposed on the G20 summit, today's operations have been reduced by at least 3 hours – the trade volume in the cash market was $ 305 million.

Foreign currencies continued to remain high on foreign funds, banks, exporters and investors.

The Central Bank granted $ 40,905 million in salaries. The average interest rate for Lelikas at 60.405% has declined.

Sections of banks, exporters and depositors were recovered. Foreign exchange reserves in foreign markets fell below 80 dollars in the first hour after continuous entry. Demand and operators determine the position of the peso according to different names and periods,, ABC Mercado D Compaius said in their daily report.

Finally, Rofex business completed $ 822 million in theoretical market.

A majority of 65 percent were in November and December contracts. The final price was $ 37.97 and $ 39.26 respectively.

Various traffic loses more than $ 1 in quotes, and a revised regression in the cash market.

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