Thursday , September 29 2022

Christmas miracle: tumor disappears without mentioning the boy's brain


The case of Roxly Dasas revolves around the world. An 11-year-old girl from Texas, Texas, has unexpectedly received unexpected surprise after finding out the illness caused by drug trafficking.

Doctors do not have any explanation for this miracle in the medical field. This brain tumor was totally unharmed. Dr. Virginia Harold, Doll Children's Hospital, explains what causes this disease "The ability to swallow has decreased, sometimes lost vision, reduced ability to speak, and remedy to breathe".

The girl was in a radiation hospital for a week to control the development of the tumor, but her parents, at the loss of their recoveries, stopped a fictional miracle and threw the ABC.

"It was a surprise when I first saw Mrs. Rexley"The doctor told the doctor. "The MRI can not be found in turmeric, it's actually unusual"Closed.

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