Tuesday , September 27 2022

Christina must be in detention in capturing herself and accusing the media


If this is a serious state, the political leadership does not form a corporation that protects itself, Christina Fernandes The president must be in jail, not the possibility of being a candidate.

In the countries that work in justice, the head of the Association is fraudulently committed to using the trouting tender to loot the state's own benefit and restrict the same penal system for long periods of time.

After Hughes' trial and the conviction sentence, she appears in a photo with Phuba's students. She takes an adware for tweets in which they reproach criminal gangs. Clannan, discussing What do you say about organizations in this country?Beyond the hypocrisy of the head of the Citizen unit.

Judges opinion Leopoldo Brogia And Pablo Bertz, In principle, encouraging. Because it approves the judge's performance Clodo bonoy And legalists Carlos Stoneto And Carlos Raleigh The most important reason for corruption in the country's history is clarifying that there is no forum for shopping, validating the use of repentant people Oscar Centina's notebooks are valuable.

However, the owners of the unauthorized association will be considered by the rulers as unauthorized businessmen. Because, in a certain way, it replaced the victims, not the authenticity of a masterpiece of the mainstream elements and survived from time to time, and created the most serious scam disease in recent history.

CEO of textile, Louis Bettna, Asking him to pay a reserve of Argentine worker. There was a risk in their entirety of Venezuela, Nestor Kirkner, as customized by these businessmen to bargain and bribe, then Christina Fernandes.

On the other hand, the senator Miguel Nangal PictoThe main resistance to protecting Christina and the former president is in this case Carlos Menom, Which is in favor of the punishment, has been well explained from the technical side, but not all are equal to the law, And again on the side of the bad people. Old policy. The senate believes that the senate is more criminal than recognizing the laws needed for the country. As a politician to avoid punishment, you will lose the chance to come down in history.

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