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Changes in the DNA ratio, the key to elimination of Alzheimer's


Researchers at Buffalo University (New York, United States) found a new approach to reducing memory for Alzheimer's patientsAccording to the Prismatic Study published in the Journal Brain.

"In this report, We also recognize the epigenetic components that cause memory loss and we have also found ways to temporarily divert them into an animal model. "Jen Yan, the researcher at the university, said.

This was found to focus on genetic changes other than AD sequencesN, epigenetic calls, and memory reductions in mice were possible.

Research with mouse models with a family tradition of Alzheimer's took placeMore than one member of a family is affected by disease and brain tissue from humans.

Alzheimer's disease can be cured if patients do not get information One of the most important things to know is the cognitive display.

The loss of glottamat receptors is an important cause of coagetic delayAre the basis for study and short term memory.

"We have found many people with Alzheimer's disease Consumption of glutamate receptors in the fottala cortex is regulated, Exciting signals affecting the memory are interrupted, "Jane said.

The researchers found it Loss of glutamate receptors is the result of an epigenetic process, suppressed by histon modification, Which is emerging in patients with Alzheimer's disease.

According to authors,This "unusual" modification of histone associated with Alzheimer's is the repression of geneticsSynaptic activity also reduces glutamate receptors that can cause memory deficit reduction.

If this ejection is detected, they injure the compounds designed to wake up enzymes Histone's repressive modalities are controlled three times in infected mice.

When we gave Alzheimer's disease this enzyme inhaler animals, We have seen a sense of deliberate rescue by memory recognition. Researchers said about spatial memory and work memory.

"It was a surprise that we have seen such a progressive progress"Yan added.

At the same time, Authors verify that the interpretation and operation of the glutamate receptor is recovering In the cortex of the front.

These improvements lasted for a week Future studies will concentrate on developing infiltrating compounds in the brainMore effective and therefore more durable.

When applied to the body, muscle tissue is released Hormonal iris, a blood circulation in the body, capable of improving headache skills, According to experts from Rio de Janeiro's Federal University (Brazil) and the University of Columbia (United States), the study was conducted with rats.

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