Friday , September 30 2022

Changes in tax, salaries, rate increases, and government-funded funding


Suggestions established Staff Report With Countries that provide loans from a multinational credit agency are not compulsory in the executive board's assessmentPriorities indicate that it will work according to the instructions of the chairman entity, in case the recounts are calculated again. Christine Lagarde. In the example described above, the control of the specified export was applied Staff Report In October, the second agreement was completed before implementation.

From the IMF, they say that Future preferences include "a slightly different tax system, a more balanced system of labor market regulation, big competition in domestic product markets, low barriers to trade and foreign investment". However, this document should be taken into account that the loss of political and social disagreements should not be treated as a rule for the government.

In specific recommendations, Larger team's technicians highlight the importance of combating pressure to "maintain energy subsidies and increase salaries".

According to the shared account yesterday, "the authorities will need it Apply the framework framework that passes through the peso difference between power and gas consumers"Or, remember, that happened this year by avoiding doing so The government's extra costs to 0.1% of GDP.

Funds are calculated to establish an institution on the revenue side 25% salary increments will be made by June 20, June 2019. They say the 2019 budget is expected to increase by 34 per cent and has increased by 14 per cent between December and February.

In addition, Washington highlights the importance of a project outside the short term range of public policy. "In the future, Include a description of the steps to be implemented in the interim and present them with the annual budget Increase the reliability of the medium budget process ", they indicate Staff Report.

The recommendations included in this report may not be the advance of the measures taken by the government, but they are the IMF's guidelines. Some of these must be taken into consideration, taking the initiative to consider, because the first stage of the financial situation is getting worse.

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