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Called on the river side to receive gymnastics

River Get next Sunday Gymnastics, Fencing La Plata, On the 14th of the Argentine Football Super League on 21.30. Marcelo GardadoMillo coach coach, announced at noon on Tuesday.

Koppa was the finals at the Libertadores final Mouth On Sunday, December 9 at the Santiago Berbancourt Stadium Nos A young girl was arranged to receive the majority of the young men and young people Wolf In The monument.

Appear Rafael Santos Borr (Which is prohibited with the use of yellow inclusion in Super Finland) Junk laks, Lucas Marthness quart, George Moreera, Bruno Suklin, Nicholas de la Cruz And Kamlo or Mayada, Most are in the first team. The rest are virtually no part of the first division.

as well as, Luciano Lolo I was thrown out of me. Get out of the fields until 2019, as the defender is injured in the second ultrator of the right leg. It needs at least a month.

Loló, Which rose in Belgorod di Cidbë, adding three racing seasons, wearing the colors of the racing club D 'Abelenessa The band. Its cycle RiverPlaying fifteen games, four times earned a goal. Surgical intervention for this new poisoning or a placeholder will not place a single plot for the underworld.

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