Friday , January 27 2023

By November, the dollar rose more than once


Dollar is put on the road towards the upper floating band. This trend will give importance to this weekend, as the central bank does not appear to be irritating when tender of tender of white letters. 0.26 points down at 61.75% When it is about 50 billion dollars, it is not entirely fixed, but a good portion is converted into dollars.

The resurrection on Friday was so powerful because who was asking the question? In total, it rose from $ 1.21 to $ 37.70 A good business. Within a month within a month, it was up to a fixed term.

Dealers said the month-on-month gains in the equity market rose by 1.08 dollars to close at 38.51 dollars a barrel.
Even the market seems to have these values Dollar late. By the end of the year there are those who convert it to $ 43 and there are more than $ 47 dollars.

The problem is not to exceed the band. This is something that can be achieved without complications. This will interfere with the central bank square. On the other hand, the market has been marketed more than the rate of interest over the value of the dollar.

The employer is wasting an active interest rate of 5.5 per cent in the end of the month, and 16 per cent at the end of the year, rather than maintaining stability in that period. The emergence of the Exchange Rate Delay is equal to two and half monthly rate. But if the dollar rises and the rate falls, the industry will pay the expense and exemption benefits. as well as, The industry is operating $ 40 for a dollar's theory. He knows he can not afford 37 dollars and that he wants to renew the input is above the dollar value. That is why it is easier to maintain optimal stability than the floating band's standard.

We can not forget about Argentina because we've implemented monetary inspection, Again the dollar's price.

The FIG Inflation is price inflationary Today, interest rates and taxes are very important at this price. In the 1990s a minister said that the high dollar was the result of these two variants that the Argentine competition should be at a higher record level.

That's why this week begins, the bid of the top dollar does not have to be surprising to start a currency increase. Thinking about a problem is not in any consultant's theory.

In addition, discharging is an unhealthy windstorm. The decline in oil prices, the increase in treasury bonds, strengthening the dollar against other currencies, and the increase in interest rates in the Federal Reserve in December have pushed the currencies of emerging economies. Curtailed the United States coincidences.

Even though it may seem like a paradoxical one, how can we solve these unhealthy changes in the world, perhaps the most unstable country in Argentina? They can leave the country of hatred If the encounter between the Donald Trammel and his Chinese counterpart C Jingpong attract a commercial fight It is repeating economic activity in the world. The planet will see this meeting.

Now, the Wall Street praises the immense performance, in this case, it seems that its actions are overly evaluated. In fact, the instability in the North American market is called the "Bullet Index". There are 22 points, yellow due diligence. After 30 points the orange alert, portfolio changes start and searches for safe waves for cash.

Another problem in Argentina is the risk of a country. The bonds with maturity of 209 October have been a major obstacle. To attract buyers. To that end, Reservation near Argentina, is the messenger of the Argentine IMF, He is the only loan to calculate.

The tools to get out of the crisis are quite limited, good yields, good international prices and better exchange rate parity.

Close the path of investors in the stock market. Loss of thinking about investments in stocks is huge.
On the other hand, The $ 100 billion is floating on the plaza, which is evaluated for dollars. POSIFICATION PORTFOLIO does not want to pay some bonds and 5% per month at 5% per month. In fact, the dollar rose to 4.87 dollars a week, and in November we looked at the profit.
Investment in fixed deposits, and when investors want it, they can be withdrawn because they are not subject to maturity.

Larger companies are another support. The late tender of liquidity indicates that the specified terms have not been fully renewed, or bigger investors make a big deal. At the beginning of the week, they did it terribly. On the last day, the market did not give up on doubts about what the market is thinking.

At the end of "Carey Trade" (saved in pesos and saving profits) ended.

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