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Bushfire's soil will take up to 80 years, research findings



January 22, 2019 18:00:45

Australian scientists have found that bushfires and logging are only enough for just 10 to 15 years in the forest soil for eight decades.

Considering the importance of climate change and forest sustainability, their observations can change how to control the forests.

Victoria studied soil from the Asht Mountain forest area of ​​Victoria.

Bushmakers are always a serious take in the summer of the summer.

"At least 30 years later, 80 years after the fire," said David Lindenmeyer. It was part of the team that learned about reproduction in the forest soil.

David Lindenmeyer, an environmental professor at Australian National University, said that the deadline for reclamation of the soil "is very conservative and that it is probably over 150 years old."

"These results are of vital importance for many reasons, first of all, when we think of the sustainable management of forests, not only about the tree and other forests on biodiversity, but also in the depths of the soil," he said.

Professor Lyndenmeyer explained that the wind can determine how much of the carbon level of the carbon is produced regularly or from the soil.

"There are climate change indicators, it's the consequences of sustainability and the impact of how these important resources will be handled," he said.

Research done by Professor Lyndenmeyer showed that when there is a big defamation or blight for the soil, many essential nutrients will be lost.

"What is that, what is needed is that the bulk of these forests are needed and that the fire is just the fire to prevent the health of such systems," he said.

"This is now important outside of Melbourne outside of Melbourne as it is very important because of fire and lagging results in both material and 98.8 per cent of water brought to Melbourne or young or young.

"There will be significant fire and soil-burning results throughout the forest."

David Lindenmeyer said that the Victorian government should forward the forest and water supplies to Melbourne. It is important to note how to manage these forests and avoid the more protected areas and how this sector will help. Fire ".

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Professor Lyndenmeyer told The World Today: "Almost all trees are going to make paper from this forest." Use of wooden wood instead of forest wood is a solution.

"We do not lose a single job, in fact it will grow at a much higher level than the agriculture sector, but plantation products will be used without considering the use of forest land," he said.

Wick Forest is a government-owned business that is responsible for harvesting, commercial sale and tree renovation for the government harvesting from the State Forests of the State.

Alex's Mason, General Manager, Corporate Affairs, said, "We do not plan to think about the research. A part of the study "is part of Bushaffer's research.

"In the last decade, Victoria began to swallow 3 million hectares of land, and at harvest it is approximately 3,000 hectares, or you have 30,000 [hectares] More than 10 years.

"This means that, as a result of logging 1, it is a part of the research of fire, not just about harvesting, but also for harvesting a little bit."

Messi said the national metro system or state reservation had not been reserved for protection of 94 per cent of the public and protected states.

"We are farming anywhere in that 6 per cent area, and those 6 per cent of the region have very little underwent – 3,000 hectares a year or 0.04 per cent of the Victorian public parks."

"In the vicinity of the Victorian public forest, harvesting is estimated to be 4 trees per 10,000 people annually."



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