Tuesday , March 28 2023

Burning asteroids are very close to the Earth: NASA


Saturday, Three asteroids Considering "Dangerous" They go on Too Near the Earth This is one Saturday November 10, according to the figures NASA.

The largest of the asteroids is 30 meters wide. Within four hours we will be closer to our planet.

Three large asteroids, 2018 VX1, 2018 VS1, and 2018 VR1, will be closer to Earth on November 10th. Photo: Illustrative / Pixabay

The space agency indicates that approximately 14:03 (GMT) appears 2018 VS1, About 13 to 28 meters, is about 1,391,535 km of the Earth's distance.

About 15 minutes later, the largest asteroid of the 2018 VR1 is 4 to 30 meters wide. Asteroid 2018 VR1 It passes 5,066,418 km on our planet.

Finally, four hours later, the asteroid 2018 VX1 It's just 380,160 kilometers away, and the moon is almost the same distance.

Despite the risks of asteroids, NASA should calm them down so that the distance they move will remain safe.

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