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Buenos Aires Judge dismissed a Uber drive: he argues that the operation is "private" – 11/28/2018

The Buenos Aires Legislature After three weeks of approving a law that would increase punishments for illegal traffic, the Buenos Aires jurisdered in the opposite direction. Uber Company's driver inaugurated, To understand that it is "a contract between private".

Despite repeated attempts by taxi drivers for landing in the city, Javier Bujan, the owner of No. 7 in the Criminal, Controversial and Midiernic Courts, and 451 of the 4000 fixed-weight units (about $ 80,000) sanctioned for non-publicizing Article 6.1 of the Act.

The driver came out to inform that the identity of the driver has not been revealed. Cordoba, which is recognized as junior 16, has not issued notice to 700 drivers.

Following the complaint filed by the trade union of tax payers in August, the Magistrates realized that Uber's law was accepted by the Supreme Court of the country as "legitimate legal action in previous laws". The year he added: "Creating activities A personal transaction agreement Related agreements not recognized in the National Civil and Commercial Code ".

However, the administrative jurisdiction is open The government should intervene to intervene Manage activity. In some way, it does not prevent the state from managing it to some extent to safeguard public democracy and security. "It was indicated what Mendoza had done during the Bujans trial.

Under the leadership of Omar Viviani, the Union of Powers of Taxis declared that he would announce constitutional amendments: "The Constitution does not believe in, It opposes the firm opinion of all other firm creatures The first and second events were arranged. The Criminal, Violence and Axons Chamber, and the Court of Buenos Aires in the city have often announced the unlawful nature of Uber's activity. More than 40 drivers have been convicted The company has committed suicide Its CEO Mariano Otero will also be legally required to consider the illegal activities of the Uber Law and all its drivers. "

When they approved on November 8, the resolution passed in Bajrangio with the Parno MLAs The punishment was severe For Uber drivers.

The bill that will bring several articles of the transit and transport code of the city will be equivalent to ten thousand fixed units (approximately 200,000 pesos) for unauthorized travel. One point from the driver's license and the registration for 7 to 30 days will be lost.

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