Sunday , January 29 2023

Brian Buley, de El marginal: "Nunca salgo solo porque tengo miedo de que me secuestren"


Brian Buley, the elite actress has been popular at Pedro
en la serie de Sebastián Ortega y Adrián Caetano, El marginal, reveló en program
Andy Kusnetzoff,
PH: Podemos Hablar, There is no change in the number of losers.

"Tengo miedo de que organi un secuestro poro soy conocido", is the actress who has been actively reconstituted by the aggressive actors in the process of alarms. "I'm not going to tell you that there is a way to tell me what is wrong with me, but it's not like me," he said, adding that he did not comply with any intention. "Yo conozo la calle, pero es nada que vera que ya que ya ya si viene dado vuelta no te va a preguntar si le das el celular
retobás al ladrón, te va a tirar ", dijo, appears to be preoccupied.

Asimismo, the man who is the author of the book, describes the essence of being an unmistakable episode of a quarrel with a polygon of a morass of violence and a sense of harmony. "I do not know how to do it, but it's not me, but it's not me, it's just a little bit of a quarrel," he told me to quit the 'quedate tranquilo acá. This site is located at a location. "

El actor has been very grateful for the most viola of the pretense of a ficción
Martín Fierro, a former prime minister of the United States, has been nominated for a number of nominations. "'Vos sos el enano de
El Marginal, ¿No? ' me preguntaron. There's no sign of sin. "
There is a time for temporada, los hormres no less tolerance for the hijacking. "Me quedé con miedo", concluyó el actor.

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