Friday , September 30 2022

Breast cancer: The tumors are now faster and more efficient


The combination of the latest innovations in technology provides medical and medical services. More efficient and accurate Identify breast cancer brain tumors Tissue images are analyzed using a computer, which is a much faster process than conventional, the University of Southern California (USC).

"This is the beginning of a revolution to use"Machine Learning"Get new information on the doctor's breast cancer," said Keik School of Medicine professor David Agz, USC Whitby School and one of the engineers.

"We can use this system for better treatments, Provide patients with quicker information and help more people. We are making this discovery to provide doctors with new information and to help treat cancer, "Agz said.

The researcher said that the way to identify and treat cancer is to help diagnose tumor behavior. "Cancer cells that contain the purchases of estrogen and other hormones Respond Unlike drugs, "he added.

The new development is based on: machine learning

System "Teach"This is a major diagnostic test for a computer to quickly check the images of cancer patients who identify the displays of estrogen receptors." According to the methodology published in Breast Cancer of Nature Partner Journals,A big step that was used more than a century beyond microscopic and cell biopsy"

"If you have found the cancer It will be a few weeks "They discovered an identifier before getting a call from the doctor," said Dane Rurman, professor of medical research at Keck School, & # 39; machine learning & # 39; We can report on the same dayLess delay, less stress, and better results. This will help us identify the right medicine and the medication more quickly. It's a big step Personal medicine", Added the rudder.

Cell identifiers identify the cell identifiers in sufficient detail. This will help detect cell technologies and bring them to a larger network. "Machine Learning Help us provide more information for patients A precise assessment of breast cancer indicators can also change the cancer treatment in the developed world. "Risk Rawat finished his Kel school graduate and graduate studies.

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