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Borras: The fading character of the movie "Roma" as per the social network users


After announcing the Oscars nominations, Many Mexicans have written ten books about 'Roma' by Alphonse Caron Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Award Hollywood Academy Award

This image was shown in the most relevant nominations Best Picture, Marina D Thavira Best Supporting Actress, Best Actress Yelitha Apprezo, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Foreign Film, Alphonso Core Best Direction.

Appears in the "Rome" section Best Cinematography, Best Sound Mix, Best Sound Editing.

But the users Asked why there was no nomination on the Somcom networks Another important character in the film: The dog of the family, Borres.

Though Bozrus does not appear in full movie, his presence has already been preserved in some memories. He jumps whenever he goes to play the playground or the father or the other in the house.

A scene where love approaches when you're approaching Claudio pregnant.

By Twitter, Users can get "Best Delivery Lovato" or "Best Support Dog"Reptiles of the house.

Immediately Fans of boruses have shared in network publications asking for this dog being nominated, Commented with the crucial part of Coron Movie.

"As for the hash dog's most in the history of cinema," "your poison divorce" or "what about the period? "El Bora puts Roy in a suspense (he will not leave Cleo).In the academy's list, there are some messages that Twitter can read on Facebook without Borus.

In the meanwhile, history has changed from the film Rome In the last 14 years, the first Latin American to be nominated for best acting, and the first Mexican Indian to choose the prize.

In 2005, the Catalan sandino was nominated for the "Maria Plenea Essen de Grazia". Latin is not considered in this section Best Andy's (Adriana Barasah, nominated for "Babel", but a supporting actress).

Yelithsa, R Glenn Close, Melissa McCarthy, Olivia Colman or Lady GagaIn the early 1970s, the middle class Mexican family interacted with the interpretation of Cleo's interaction with critics and viewers alike.

Magazine TimeFor example, it was recognized as the best performance in 2018; In addition, he was given special recognition at the Montreal International Film Festival.

Even the director In one story, a woman like Yalisapar Star.

Lee's last release of the Los Cabos Film Festival, "Rome is a big picture. The & # 39; black & # 39; This is the first time I see the Mexicans because you are hiding them. where are they? I never see them, they're always in the background and you & rsquo; Black & # 39; Hiding the Mexicans? Where am I his movies, television, and where are they talking? Right?

With ROM, The first nomination for the best image is NetflixWhat is giant? Streaming I've been looking for a long time ago.

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