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Boka's Micro: Driver's Bottle, A Leader Avoided A Liability – 11/25/2018


Dario Ruben Ebers is the driver of the Boca team for many years. On Saturday, Avinaida del Libertadoros and Lidoroquintos were the micro-cycles when the rivals of the river were attacked. And he calmed down more calmly What a violent and complicated moment it may have turned out to be a tragedy.

He disappeared in front of the bottles, Had it been the intention of sharpening the illusion of a leader, everything would have been worse. "It was a bad feeling, I did not like anyone, I never thought that moment was going to live, no words to explain, it's a football game, we're going to fight," his story started.

"I have never happened, and we have never gone through many foes." When I walked through the Libertador Tunnel, I realized something could happen, we were already playing a policeman on a motorcycle, "he continued. He added:I had two windows closed. They broke my glass and covered my face. He was trapped in a bottle of beer in my ribs"

At that moment Boka's driver broke down. "I was breathless, only for a few seconds, and I seemed to be in dire need of instruction because I was afraid that I was not going to take the wheel of Horusio Paloña (the second Vice President of the club). Pallolini was an angel sent by me. Otherwise it can not be said. I do not know if we were not there, "he admits.

Pawoli said Clarin It may be "a tragedy". "I caught a steering wheel when I saw it Gringo For a moment he disappeared. That's why the glass broke because it was so big. They smoke us. I had glasses, they did not affect me. I was able to take the steering wheel, "the executive said.

Experiment with Boca Micro. (Picture: Marcelo Carol)

Experiment with Boca Micro. (Picture: Marcelo Carol)

Cruelly, the driver gave more details of what he experienced: "I made a lot of lidoro quinterers, and I saw a lot of people from the river again, and the earth wanted to swallow me, I was disappointed.) I know that I know I'm brave enough, and that's why I was scared."

Ibsert explained it The manner in which the policemen took them was always the same, even though the work of the caretaker was emphasized.: "When I arrived at the hotel, I did not know that we needed to get in. They wanted to go through Puerto Ordo, go back, but go back to the river, and you always entered Quintessz and Libertador. Trees that end in the field are always up to the end. They did not exist right now. Nobody says that"He complains.

He went further and encouraged him to say "liberated zone". "The colleagues, who know the problem, told me," I think they gave you a gift, Gringo& # 39; They enlarged me. It is true that the players are satisfied. It's normal. The last play and dance came and nothing happened to them. "

Experiment with Boca Micro. (Picture: Juano Tesone)

Experiment with Boca Micro. (Picture: Juano Tesone)

The FIG GringoAs everyone in the world called Boca, pepper gases entered the micrometers that reaches the munnen. "Gas came, it affected me and I lost breathing. I did not get to court. I could not even go from the seat. When we buried parts of the body, they put the gas. Micro chocolate inspectors told me that you can not be nearby because you feel the result of pepper spray. "

Above all, the Ember assured me that he would not quit job and stayed with Boca. "The ship does not leave it, Boca is my life, I'm obliged to serve the company that works for me campus driver."

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