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Boca: Leaders choose Gustavo Alpha, but wants to avoid a fight with a hurricane – 12/20/2018


The FIG Not at all José Pekeman's direction as director of sports to create Boca's technical expert, created a new concept for Nicholas Bardezo at the new position. The former coach of the Colombian national team had a good investment with his good intentions. He intended to conduct a communication with the first and lower divisions. Advance re-election in the elections

Bardisso was Gustavo Alfaro in enthusiasm. His serious profile and the administration of a team have been reduced to the first alternative since the epic of Peacock. Anything else Alfaro was always a self-confidence In the era of Boca's current president. But the current contract with a cyclone is one that creates more problems with co-existence. In the board of directors of the board, the cyclone is not a fight. In addition, the first step of the new manager is that it does not suit a friendly action with Argentine football. Now Gustavo Alfaro, Festastz's expenditure in Mexico is a decision.

According to sports director analyst Edwardo Domingka, the Board of Directors lost power in view of the Board of Directors. Hurricane and Columbus Good Background The scrolls do not collect enough to make a jump for Boca. His credit was not a team, and the club had one of the most experienced technicians. As the nephew of Carlos Bianca, Look at him, not the moment of the club. When he waited for a new communication, he changed the line with the agreement with the Nazián D Uruguay.

Then Antonio Mohammed's name appeared again on Daniel Angeli's taste in the stage. Nicholas Bardizosso's idea is what he did with all the coaches who are communicating to talk about football and his project. He did skype today. If the leaders were given good recognition, its technical staff fell into a short period of time and therefore was abandoned. At this time, the Turk is alphabet of alfaro.

Miguel Angel Rosso (along with field assistant at a time in the club) and Raleendo Shiavi (still standing in place of the reserve coach) are the other giants thrown in the table in a CD meeting that passes through the coach atmosphere. San Pablo currently is a burden manager named Uruguayan Diogo Agrigir.

Ricardo Low Wall brought an amazing touch. Yesterday, along with DirecTV, Bigotón added a big headline: "I'm going to Boca de Tacto here". In 2006, many fans reminded him of his passion as an Xenon coach in the Apertro tournament. The team succeeded in gaining a bigger point and defeated Estudiantes Diggo Simeon of Welles County in the final.

In Patricia they contract and DT. Believe in word

In the headquarters of Aveneena Caesar, the leaders trust in two things: with Gustavo Alfaro's signing of the deal, with the public about the Koch and the privatized. The agreement between President Alejando Nadur, Alfaro and Hurricane Katrakat, is yet to be concluded until June last.

Gustavo will continue beyond Boca's interest. We do not think we have any plans. He said the Liberators would be able to deal with everything that has come. Clarin A close associate of Nada.

Marcos Diaz (Agustín Rossi, Marcelo Barovero, Ezequiel Unsain), prefers a goalkeeper before leaving a lead forward in a midfielder (prior to the Barços Lucas).

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