Thursday , October 28 2021

Blaming it for stimulation | The image of Machri …


Boca Juniors Micro led a group of fans not the failure of the security mechanism, even those who were stonewalling "players" at the police side. FIFA President Jeania Infinino received a memorial repackage, in an episode, at the Burnababy Stadium in Rid Madri, Compton decided to reserve rivals and Boca. "It's far worse than what has happened on the street".

The President has again demanded a "deep reflection of the entire area" for the violence carried out during the last weekly weekend. This time, he is targeting football leaders, part of a part, or Barrabras who crosses the stoned. I refer to "the violent people who spit over another" without referring to the permissible activity where federal forces are involved.

"I have a far worse thing than those who are stolen in groups of men, and the violent people are spewing in with their neighbors, and I think it's unacceptable to meet the confectionery of the river with the international football authorities," said the president on "this wave." Then, "this act" does not punish us and does not interfere in the "final" over the river, and this problem has more than ever been done in the street. "

When the final was announced to Spain for Spain, President Powell had made an informal meeting with Infantino. Along with the announcement of the president of the South American organization in Asuncio, Musio Casa utilized the Swiss presence to speak two minutes at Rosada Makir. Italy's Council of Italy's president, Astus Guseup Conde, said. I'm in G20, Argentina.

If it's true that he is going to play in Madrid, the leader of FIFA Bose Campus, before hosting Spain in the superclassic cup, "News Argentina news Argentina says.

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