Friday , January 27 2023

Bitcoin price forecast



Bitcoin markets again declined by the weekend. It was $ 4,200. In the market, there is an important amount of support for mental and structural support in $ 4,000. So, I should not be surprised to see a smile from here. However, in general, I think the rallies will still be sold, and it is difficult to imagine a situation where the purchase can be retained. Frankly, there is nothing in the horizon to support this market.

If we are less than $ 4,000, it will open $ 3,500 to the door, probably up to 3,000 dollars. Now we start to buy this market, which is around 50%. In other words, I think bubbles continue continuously and that we reach very low levels.

The biggest problem Bitcoin I see now is that no one uses it. In other words, there is no demand. It is a minor disadvantage that many people believe that there is some kind of conspiracy to reduce the value, so that all "whales" can be cheaper and cheaper. Perhaps the market of 20,000 dollars is better than other traders. On the graph, you can see how in 20,000 to 4000 markets.


I have recently read many articles, even if the market side is back, bitcoin is not simply a payment method. I do not think it's a solution to the financial problems, because I think this cut is broken. The sale of all the rallies has still gone from being able to see me.

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