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The views and opinions mentioned here are committed. Do not reflect the perspectives of the team, the risk of investment and business movements, and when making a decision, you must conduct your own investigation.

Market data is provided by the HibitBitis Exchange.

Bitcoin exchanged a bit on the Bitcoap exchange, while Bitcoin was $ 6,178. It sold 6,000 dollars to sell 5,000 Bitcoins. Some terms may have typed $ 6,200 to replace 6,200 dollars. Bitstamp has initiated a probe into the $ 250 million deal.

Fortunately, the damage was limited to a transaction. However, since the increase in the past few days, the benefits can be seen in the public opinion polls because the price of all major Google cropcrackers is also decreasing.

Is the end of recovery and Bitcoin worth less than $ 6,000? Now it is difficult to predict. This will be specified within a few days after the short-term correction ends.

According to a report of the Insexic Web Intelligence Platform, Asset Class has matured. Marbci Mobybis, an investor in the developing economy, believes that Bitcoin and other cryptocarins have an appetite because they live here. However, because instability and security are unstable, he still does not have personal investments in his assets.

Let's see how operators should approach the fall. Should They Buy or Wait?

BTC / Dollar

A wall near the Bitcoin rally (BTC) defensive collapsed at $ 8,496.53. After 8,000 dollars for three days, the benefits of reductions were reduced to $ 7,000. We planned to stay on today's long scale, and the stop we had stopped was $ 7,100.

This trend is favorable, since the RSI is growing in the RSI and the growing range of RSI. If the 20-day EMA is left, the bulls will again try to raise the BTC / USD pair of $ 8,500. If successful, the next goal is to reach $ 10,000.

On the other hand, if the pair sinks below the EMA for 20 days, the deterioration will be reduced and the fall will be $ 5,900. We look forward to finding the price, indicating the resumption of the rise before it is recommended long time.


Our goal reached 256, Ethereum (ETH), the second target of $ 300, rose to $ 290.92 on May 16. It is hoped that the merchants would be more and more closed in their increasing span of time.

Drop Down ETH / USD pairs to support this 225.39 USD support. We hope that the bulls protect this support. If this succeeds, we've seen another attempt to subvert $ 300 to the dollar.

However, if this support is damaged, the failure of EMA for 20 days will arise. If traders are still stationed, stock losses can be raised to $ 200. The loss of the stop may be higher when the pair crosses USD 225.39.


On May 15 and 16 the expertise (XRP) rose from $ 0.450, but not high standards. The value of the bid backwards fell to below $ 0.37835. Bulls try to keep the price above EMA for 20 days.

The space between EMA and USD 0.10108 for 20 days is likely to be strongly supported. If the XRP / USD pair booths in this area, we expect a reversion of $ 0.45. In the break up to $ 0.45, the price of a pencil will rise to $ 0.60, $ 0.50 and $ 0.55 respectively.

On the other day, supporters can use a smaller position (typically 30% of the normal) in comparison to $ 0.360. 0.2750 USD can stop the loss of this operation. However, if you leave the digital currency below the EMA for 20 days, you should not trade it.


Bitcoin Cash (BHC) fell from the channel's defensive rate on May 16. The EMA for 20 days is cheaper, which will probably serve as support. The two moving movements still remain, the RSI positive zone. This shows that the oxen is good.

If the BCH / USD pair jumps up to 20-day EMA, it will rise to the defensive rate of the channel. On the other hand, if the droplets sink below the EMA for 20 days, it can be fixed on the channel support line. Even before the operation is suggested, you will have to wait until the channel's release line is released. Because the channel failure is supported by the bear.


On May 16, Lithuania (LTC) corrected $ 107 per dollar. Support is close to $ 91. Now, the bulls stand above the first support. 84.3439 dollars. If it is successful, we have tried to exceed $ 91. Now, the long-term stop loss can be maintained at $ 70. If you realize that bulls can not increase the price, it will be raised in the coming days.

74.6054 in USA and 84,3439 USS support. If you can not sustain this support, the jovial mortgage will be 66.47 dollars. The development of negative divisions in the RSS is a signal signal. This trend will fall if the support of the 66.47 dollar dealer.


On May 16, EOS 6.8299 denied the defense. Now, for moving averages, the price can be adjusted, which will be a support. In this support, if the price increases, the bulls will try to break up the defenses. Digital currency increases are above $ 6.8299. The bulls are considered better as the average growth of two wheelers is on the RSI positive tetra.

But if the EOS / USD crosses a moving motion, it falls below $ 4.4930 below the price. If the pair is in the range, we will try to buy next fall 4.4930 USD. This trend will be wasted when US support is supported by US $ 3.8723.


Business Coin (BNB) will hit New Intra HD on May 16th. The trend of average movement and RSI continues to emerge when the positive trail is on the rise. Digital currency is not given much ground. The bulls show that their positions are not ready to be closed.

On the contrary, the BNB / USD could be able to keep the line through the defense line, which would likely act as a hurdle. If the pair collapses the defensive, the pair gain activity. Decrease in EMA for 20 days and decrease in SMS by 50 days. This tendency will be negative if it is below $ 17,7997862. Despite the bullish look we have not found any reliable pattern, so we do not suggest a trade in it.


The stellar (XLMM) was found on May 16 at the rate of 0.14861760, but did not stop it (UTC time). The open status of long-term grandma's trend is now being tested.

If you have a XLM / USD boon on a long-term downtown line, it will try to raise above $ 0.14861760. If successful, it indicates the power. Lower value of US $ 0.22466773 is lower than 0.17759016 dollars. We'll wait for this break before an operation is recommended.

On the other hand, bullocks are above $ 0.14861760, the price is reduced, within a few days.


On May 15 and 16, the cardinal could not have been able to close (UTC time) at the rate of 0.094256 dollars. It was before us to buy in our top analysis.

The ADA / USD pair has decreased at the mean, where some support is found. If we keep support, we hope that bulls will try to reduce the price above 0.094256. At the top defense (UTC time), the bottom line round of $ 0.161275 will be completed. Therefore, we retain the purchase instruction given in the previous analysis.

However, if the digital currency slows from the average moving rate, it will be reduced to $ 0.57898. If this support is given, the trend will be negative.


The TRON (UCC) shutdown (UTC) on May 15 (UTC time) was deduced by USDA 0.02815521 and half of our purchasing recommendation in previous analyzes. However, one day after the gap, he again entered the range. This is a dandel signal. These figures indicate that the brake is wrong and does not support digital currency purchase.

Currently, bulls are trying to keep the TRX / USD pair above average. If this is successful, we see another attempt to release the distribution area. On the other hand, if the size of 0.02815521 does not survive, the range in the range will increase.

Riding the two-wheelers together, the RSI This points to a balanced reference among buyers and sellers. Customers can keep stock loss at 0.0209 dollars. We will raise it at the earliest opportunity.

Market data is provided by the HibitBitis Exchange. Trading vision provides graphs for analysis.

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