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BCCI decides to withdraw $ 106.300 million in three days

Central returned to recover the peso investment from the market without any impact on the price (paid $ 105,000 million on weekly basis). Sandleris, peso still "overreacts" to the shots Source: Archive



The lowest in the street is the peso, confirmed yesterday that it was too complicated to keep a bullish route.
At an average price of 1.9% (from $ 38.46 to $ 37.72)
Usually at the end of a business round (according to G-20, the operation lasted 2 hours), then from $ 39.54 to $ 38.80

Central Bank

(BCRA) is a strong agreement with monetary policy not only in operation but also by its commitment in sign language.

Thus, the third ticket of the ticket decreased continuously. At that time, the 3.4% average went back and began working closely at $ 40 on Monday and threatened to go back to the highest level before the start of the Sandler's era. However, the week ending (today's markets will not work for the national holiday) will be revised up to 5% each month by a 0.2% increase.

The money sale was initiated to try to withdraw from the Paisa Market by conducting a one-month exam in December (a high period of monetary month). Disarmament


(Losing $ 120,000 million), the Liquid Liquid Characters (Leliq) added $ 78,000 million over the maturity period.

But after checking that the exemption had risen to an average of 7% in two days, he decided to file a trial for another opportunity.

"This week they earned $ 469,267 million in Lalik and $ 583,867 million, which is less than 105,000 million dollars, 60.75 per cent less than 61.40, and free of charge: 718,711 million dollars, the bill for interest is 6300 million The dollar rose by more than 9500 million a week earlier, "said Economist analyst Christian Boole. Said.

"Unlike last week, the BCA has been absorbed by half of the previous week and pulled out the dollar as part of the dollar's refinancing improvement." The PCRI needs to be quick to lower the rate on the dollar's plan, "said Led Massa's economic expert Gabriel Kamano observed.

The strong jumping of the bill on Friday and Monday was extinguishing the government's offices. It started to enjoy the "smile" of a stable market. This is likely to be driven by oil companies to reduce fuel prices after falling international oil prices at crude oil (falling to the picture at McRich at the run), with domestic taxes rising in the coming days.

BCA After releasing it (next week), 60 percent of the grounds were aimed at reducing the target. Make the feeling of continuing the worst of the crisis.

But the dollar's reaction forced the BIRI to review plans. "The inflation is very high, and our coin is still reacting against domestic and external shots."

Guido Sandles

, When the Council of America spaces. "We are aware of the dangers faced by our economy, so we will only increase the base of money if we allow conditions," he said.


In December, the cash flow would be increased to 6 percent. We need to do it only if the demand for money is not increased, but we realize that we are not planning a plan, "he said.

The G20 does not help recover the bonds


Argentina debt

In recent years, they did not agree that the signal issued by the US Federal Reserve could be implemented with a small and sustainable increase in the benchmark rate of the economy. "There is no demand, so they have left 25 cents in the center and 50 in the open span, so they have lost 1.5 to 2 percent per week," says Sebastian Cissa. , SBS Group Because of this weakness, the country's risk rate was below 700 points (closing 704), and the index level (fixed by the US 10-year bond bond rate) lost another 1% yesterday. Must be 3.03%.

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