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Astronomers have discovered the ancient galaxy that broke the Milky Way galaxy

Satellites' planets, orbits, orbits of stars and galaxies are orbiting smaller and smaller galaxies. There are many of these hangles in the galaxy, especially the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds, two of our galaxies can only be seen by the naked eye.

And now, thanks to GIA information – the most comprehensive map of our sky, so far astronomers have discovered. It's very large – like the big Magellanic cloud, or a third of the size of the galaxy.

In the picture above, the big yellow Magellanic cloud, which can be spotted on the bottom right, is the bright glow at the top of the picture, close to the milky way (left).

The name Antillea 2 is derived from the southern galaxy of Anne (pump).

So Antillia 2 escaped the discovery of such a long period of time, especially since the Great Magellanic Cloud knew about 964 in Greece?

Fewer ways. The first is hidden in the shelter of the Milky Way's disk. The second is because there is very low density, it does not give much light. In fact, this is 10,000 times larger than Magellanic Cloud – its representation in the picture above is shiny, so we can see that.

So far, the largest galaxies were discovered. 100 times – it's much slower than the incredible ultra-massive galaxies and starless galaxies, since it is capable of producing new stars.

Allya 2 is the longest survivor of a galaxy. Or, as Gabriel Torrebub, astronomer from the synagogue in Japan, said, "this is a galaxy's fear."

The galaxy is found in a platform of galaxies, based on the RR Lira Variables. These stars are very old and metalic. Typical dwarf galaxies and globular clusters are found.

According to the name, they also have different stars, ie the lite varies at regular intervals – on the earth. As Henrietta Lvit discovered in the early twentieth century, they can be used as a normal candle to calculate the precise distance between the earth and the star.

The group found a group of GIA's information, but when they searched the site, there was nothing in the database of known objects. Thus, more observations were made and 100 red giant stars achieved spectrum. They were expecting Annea 2 to continue for several months before the sun could disappear.

All the stars they have learned move together, and that's how they proved the existence of the previously unknown Antillea 2, away from the Milky Way galaxy.

Based on team observations, the anaia 2 is 424,000 light years away from Earth, roughly 11.2 billion years old. Simulations show that using the same fate that the Mongolian clouds had collected, its physical objects were collected.

"The simplest explanation of the existence of today is the mass of 2, not the galaxy of the galaxy." The astronomer from the Corniche Mellon University, Sergi Koposov, said.

If the galaxy's mass does not show the mass of galaxies, it does not shrink and grow. "

This means that it must be much bigger now than it should be. There are some questions like the size of Antlia 2.

such as New scientist Professor Gysella Clementi, professor of astronomy and rhythm, estimates in the National Astrophysical Institute of Italy are used by the team to estimate the distance of the RR Lira group. When accurately calculating, they're 260,000 light years away.

However, Torreb's suggestion is that the fault changes the distance to RR linear stars. It was confirmed by two different methods for the red giants learned by the teacher.

Thus RR lorry stars stand in front of Allya 2, ie the discovery of the galaxy has led to a breakthrough, so it is either lucky or part of the galaxy, but the nearest mean is.

Either there is no doubt what the group of our neighbors found something strange.

"An 2 is a strange thing when compared to the 60's or the cosmic satellites," said astronomer Matthew Woller, Carnegie Mellon University.

We think that this milky way is just the edge of the iceberg. The Milky Way is surrounded by a lot of invisible dwarfs. "

He accepted the team's paper journal Monthly announcements of the Royal Astronomical SocietyRead the preprint resource arXiv.

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