Wednesday , September 28 2022

Arroyo Salgado abandoned this distinction and did what he did …


Judge Sandra Auroe Salgado and Alberto Nisman's former wife, withdrew the case in the case of the prosecutor's death. He argues for his decision to "make peace with the family and spirituality of the family".

"Natalio Alberto Nisman, who has been in charge of the care and protection of the family, is to impose this decision," said Arroyo Salgado, quoted as saying.

When life, family and professional life pass away, "the magistrate also mentions the need to reconstruct the present situation. All these are" the health of the life and the welfare of the family. The aim of the family is to withdraw the withdrawal of death and sacrifice and sacrifice that has passed beyond the natural life. Of course. "

In this statement, "he explained things related to the incident that occurred before and after restarting the part of the spirituality which vyaktatayilekkum it etticceranayittillenkilum, regional, and international levels, institutional and political influence in this case, the game can be actors of peace and Family Reunion me Created the necessary conditions for a unganana to do. "

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