Thursday , June 8 2023

Argentina and Ecuador conquered


Ecuador was defeated by Argentina in the under-20 tournament. Ecuador's defeat in the second match of South Korea. It is only a game to complete the first phase of the Olympic Games.

In the first minute, de la Vega was shot out of Argentina. However, he spent entirely in Ecuador. In the first phase, nothing was requested from the manual rupee. Santiago Sosa reached the stage for about half an hour and was in the first shot from the middle line. It was the dominion of Ecuadorian goalkeeper.

After Alexander Alvarado's good shot, Ecuadorian was 1-0 at 1-0 with Fernando Batista's draw. The Argentine coach tested in dangerous variants, and the national team was given the footsteps of Gaichi and Collido. But the center back from the bench could not distort the story.

Argentina won the Olympic lead on the last point in the second round at Pergueve. The last two shows, Uruguay and Peru, qualify for Argentina's final headcount.

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