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Antitto Tucuman-Rosario Central in Superbig: Schedule, TV and Formats – 11/09/2018


The defeat of Godoi Cruise stems a strong influence on Tuubmen. The success he has achieved on this Friday itself, reducing the seven points with the racing leader and at least temporarily becomes his only partnership. In Copa Argentina's semifinal (Sunday 18, in Mami Kempe D. Cordoba), many players were injured before Temperlie.

Erosonnas' union was banned, and the party was suspended. However, the SuperLiga was imposed, and traveled night on a charter flight in Rosario's central roster. They will have to face each other at Jose Fillro at the Monterey Stadium 21st. TNT sports.

The density of atlikia tukuma.

The density of atlikia tukuma.

Takman's earnings for 1-0 Analysis with Godai Cruise, though his home performance is obscene. Please register in that situation Nine defeatsThere were three wins and six draws since March 4. Doran and Jestići combined with Siro Riaz's goal of the day. This is the fourth spot with 19 points.

Rico Sardiski took over two variants. David Barbona bumped into Mears Abboro's Guerzysheonnance and Gabriel Rizo Patron.

The focus of the Rosario Center.

The focus of the Rosario Center.

Rosario Central is at 17th with 12 points. With a score of 1-1, he won seven wins, three drones and four defeats.

There are many surprises in the team Patton Buza Mariaz Carlos and Uruguayan Diego Arizmund combined the Grade 2 tablets with nets. Colombian Oscar Cabas was not withdrawn from the deal and Macao Ruben was injured by lungs. German HertraHe has scored six goals and 17 minutes in the second half) There is a muscle discomfort and he will try if he responds well physically, he will play Maximiliano Lovera.

On the other hand, President Rodolfo de Poliana was in agreement with Liga Depotiva Alajevins in Costa Rica. It established club brands in Mexico and Mexico for traditional protection.

Reserve competition was held on Thursday morning. Attecito Tucuman won 3-0. In the second half, Andrés Gigaena (Free Eri), Jonas Romero and Abel Bostos scored the goal. Deception Augustine Kocica was expelled.

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