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Anna Rosenfeld: "It was impossible to think Juan Dartis committed a crime"



Anna Rosenfeld

Decided to stop acting on the actress

Juan Darthus

In the case of damage to the actress

Calu Rivero

(Who allegedly tortured him)

Tellma Fridin publicly wrote about rape in the hands of Dretti

When she was an adult.

Rosenfeld intends to resign from Dartmas literature sponsorship in the project

Destination, where to go,

It is transferring it

LN +

. He said that his moral limit had been up to the accuser of the former Bard's alleged burglary.

"I took this opportunity [contra Calu Rivero] Dartrey's allegation is that the media has reportedly blamed Darthe's name for misinformation. He said that the media had been allegedly mocked.

At that moment, he realized that it was impossible to prove that he had committed a crime. "
I learned that I am in a recording setting. Many people waiting for the film can not talk about the commission, it is impossible to talk about a kiss, Juan adds that he has been accused of doing all things.

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Nevertheless, it faced Faradne. "Until I get there," he said. "When the subject changed its title, tender, and perspective, we entered into a matter which is not now suspected or blamed, and I decided to be a woman, [de dejar de representar a Darthés], The limit for all living beings. I'm not a criminal lawyer, but I decide what to do to protect civil lawyer. "

In her opinion, the lawyer said that the judge or the society was not ready at the time of lodging complaints. These types of complaints Rosenfeld says: "These types of crimes are difficult to prove or circumstances. Today learned to believe in societal justices, in principle, notice the woman. Sensitive, dangerous, a problem, a complaint, the complainant purchased it for a moment or reputation followers Indeed, I think. Go. "

Dart's suggested a reaction to Rave's complaint

Mrs. Legend

The actress wants the return home. "I reckon [la denuncia surgió porque] Missing [el programa de Marcelo] The team said, "Teeneli, sometimes you look at the notes, you want to make a mistake," the actor said before investigating the accused.

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