Sunday , May 28 2023

Andrews Rios: "Great joy to play in the racing"


The race aims to complete this team. Racing is by Andrews Rios, who borrowed for 18 months from Vasco da Gama in Brazil.

"Racing career is very important to my career, it's a great pleasure," he told the football player after the medical tests: "I am eagerly anxious about the champion."

I want to face racing attack, "said Rio." I could not complete the prejudice with Vasco. I trained the teacher, and I'm very well physically. I'll add. The roles of Brazilian football served me. "

"There is always a high level of thought, it's very important for me to arrive at this time," defender and justice in Argentina in 2016.

The other added attraction of the academy by Rios is by another attacker, Dario.

Race comes in taking loans

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