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Amicon Santa's frenzied message: "Find Saffer mafia" – 01/22/2019


The former girlfriend Emilioano Salah Posted a powerful message on their social networks. Within a few months, Benensis Scakter, who had gone with the Argentine football player, has posted on tweets with tweets. Hailing on the English channel has been shouted by the suspension of the plane's search.

"I do not believe in this accident because search the football mafia", And wrote on his Twitter account even from Argentina. The message repeated several times and went to Saala's profile. He had uploaded a picture of them and their journey on a journey.

Bernicei's message was very large in Instagram. There they both provided videos and photos of a trip to Europe.

"I want to wake up, this is all a lie, because I do not believe in this accident or do not find things that are in search of bad weather because you should read that I'm not busy, they do not miss the time and the investigation is not helpless." The first part of that post Hey.

He adds: "eme, tiyatiyunt the expiration of dreams, you can make a change in your life and the second life, we are dust, are we aslilanan this universe, there are many injustices to occur. I felt as if I was, I felt for a long time, and I'd like to meet you again, I express myself To, I think, is going to understand now, who know me, know that the glow in my eyes when I speak with you, I have a reputation to the bottom of all of the changes are still today in the morning, why so occurs, such as a work of art, kathinad'dhvanamulla projects, a good person, dedicated to his work, to fulfill dreams I'm a broken heart, I can not understand, I'm broken, I'm in pain, fear, anger, I'm not helpless in not being able to do anything I can always try it Now i know you're so strong We are waiting for you ndo @ emilianos ala9 ".

A few months after the departure of Bareneus and Emilioano. As he moved from France and Britain, Salan was traveling on a flight that had run on English channel.

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