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After the September, "Bonned Effect" Marwald affected the country's risks

Punishment of assets

JP Morgan's index improved by 13 points to 708 units. Concerns and uncertainty among investors in the country

The FIG Processing Letter Way That The judge Cloda Bonona To Entrepreneur Paolo Rocco Hit onOr not In it Full Inside That Market. The FIG Papers In it Tennessee And Terminium They dragged off To KeyIndex Marwar What is CourtOr not Its Streak In it Upload And TerminalOr not 0,80% Below.

"That was it Without Place a Doubts That News mas the best In it That Day, That Processing What is KashmirOr not Bonona Inside That Framework In it That the reason In it That Notebooks. A raKeyz In it This one, That Shares That's right Group Textant They are registered Strong caKeyDas, too much Inside That P, As Inside That Square Local" LookÑ Edwardo Harshandez, Analysis In it Raw Society In it Bag.

such asKey, Tennessee FellOr not 9,90% Time What is Terminium CdOr not 3,93% Inside Good Eyers. ThambuNon That's it They saw caKeyDas Inside The bank Supervisor And TGS Inside Lath To 3,50%.

Inn What is What is See a That Activities Inside New York, AndNon That's it They saw Crashes In it Almost 10% For That Shares In it Tennessee What is They are finished Drag and drop To Rest In it That Papers Argentines What is Let them rejoice EverythingKey

The FIG Bad mood Even That's it MoveOr not To Market In it Bonus. The FIG Risk paKeys Metered Way That Bench J. Morgan Increased 13 Units Up That 708 Points baSikos, Level maximo From Start In it September.

The FIG Uncertainty PoleKeyMorality With That Elections President That's right año prOr notximo hacKeya What is That's it BreadKeye That Difference Between That Bonus Argentines Unimportant Inside 2019 And Others a Step by step when The beach a New perKeyOddo In it The government. Intermediate That tKeyHeadlines 2019 And 2021, That Gap ArrivedOr not a Mark 500 Points baSikos.

"The FIG Difference Between Both Bonus (2019 And 2021) Ua Expressing That Risk PoleKeyTiko What is To represent That Elections That's right 2019: a Finally Change In it Course Respect That's right Treatment In it That Debt And/o That Pavement In it IntegrationOr notn fiscal year" That's itñToOr not JoseNo Echagüe, Tactician Economics In it Counsel Investment.

The FIG the reason Judicial What is HandyOr not To Market

The FIG The judge Federal Cloda Bonona ProcessOr not This is one Tuesday To CEO That's right Group Textant, Paolo Rocket, Inside That Framework In it That the reason In it That Notebooks Way That's it Bribe Inside That the work POhAlcohol on time That The government Previous.

Sources Judicial That's itñAllaran What is That Processing In it Rocket, One In it That Entrepreneurs mas Strong That's right paKeys, Yes What is See With That Payment In it Bribe What is a Executive In it Its Group RealityOr not a Officials Kirknists.

The FIG Magistrate Federal AndNon Him KashmirOr not That Miss In it mNoCeremony To Entrepreneur Marcelo Mildlyn, In it Pampa EnergKeya.

The FIG 5 In it October Past, To Loan DeclarationOr notn Search Before Bonona, Rocket He said What is Not at all I was To too much In it That Payment Unnecessary What is AgreedOr not Yes Made To The government Previous That Executive That's right Group Louis Betnasa.

Inn Its PresentationOr notn Before That The judge, Betnasa of courseOr not What is Kept "And many more Meetings" With That E.g. President Christina Kirkner For Request "To The government Argentinean What is Engage" As Mediator Before That And then President In it Venezuela, Hugo ChaTime, Way "That Danger In it NationalizationOr notn" In it One In it That Signature What is That Stuck.

SegmentOhn That Direction, That Payment They were there What is See With One QuestionOr notn Humanitarian For Protection To Personal What is That's it Performanceñaba Inside Sidor.

Al Respect, Rocket negOr not Yes Knowledge In it That Events, What is That's itOr not a Betnasa And a Other Director In it Textant, HNoctor Zabaleta, Who is Inside That the reason Yes Miss In it mNoCeremony.

The FIG the reasonño That's right Group Not at all Appears Mentioned Inside That Notebooks That's right Researcher Oscar Painted, But It was so That's itñWing Way That Financier Ernesto Clarence, Who is AndNon AnnounceOr not Before That Magistrate, Way Rescue That's it Bribe on time That ManagementOr notn Previous.

The FIG Processing In it Rocket, What is Includes a Siege In it 4 One thousand Millions In it Weight And That BanOr notn In it Sign out That's right paKeys, It was so Signed Together a That SpaciousOr notn In it That Accusations In it That E.g. Officials July of course Vido, JoseNo SeaKeya Ohlogist, Roberto Barata, Hornan Camilo GOr notmez And Nelson Lazart.

"Inn That Present Case, That's it Find out Approved With That Grade In it Sure is required Inside This is one Stage Procedures What is Paolo Rocket, YesKeya Was it One In it That People What is OrderOr not That Delivery In it Money Made Way HNoctor Zabaletta a That Officials That's right E.g. Ministry In it PlanningOr notn Federal, Those individuals And then They killed him That It works What is They were Own In it That ActivityOr notn What is To fulfillKeya, Hallandose Determined a Benefit a That Costasists" That's itñToOr not That The judge.

Inn How much a That Miss In it mNoCeremony In it Mildlyn, That Magistrate ExpressOr: "Inn That Payment Roger that Not at all That's it Vision That Matrix Founded Inside That Rest In it That Deliveries In it Money What is They were Registered Way Oscar Painted Inside Your Annotations, Added a What is That's right Witness That's right Appointed Agree Effect Variety Dimensions In it Try it Tening a Test o Leave Your He said"

E.g. Officials, AndNon Processed

The FIG The judge Bonona AndNon I decidedOr not Process To E.g. Bose In it Cabinet Juan Manual Abal Medina And a Its E.g. Secretary Private MartKeyn Larborough, Those individuals And they agreed Yes Received Money In it That CollectionOr notn Has been donated From That Ministry In it PlanningOr notn For CampaignñAs Election, even though They said Ignore That Origin That's right The same.

Abal Medina And Larborough "dutyan The answer As Participants is required, Whole Time What is Participated That's right Retirement And DistributionOr notn That's right Money, What is I was Distributed a That Officials Those individuals ExerciseKeya That DecisionOr notn About That Shares Own In it That ActivityOr notn POhAlcohol What is debKeya Perform As Counterpart In it That Amount In it Money Distributed"

Inn August Past, That E.g. Bose In it Cabinet AnnounceOr not What is I got itOr not Contributions Inside Black In it Entrepreneurs For That Campaignña Election That's right FPV 2013, What is They were Stored Way Barata.

"Always I understandKey What is He said Contributions In it Private They were Volunteers And In it No Way Requested Cheap coirOr notn" For Support That Campaignña Election In it Daniel Sisali, Daniel Films And MartKeyn Insaurralde, Please indicateOr not Abal Medina.

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