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After menstruation, the risk of heart disease is more likely than females


We all are not equal, which means it does not come sick and heal us too. For example – security Judith SibarmanThe Argentine Society of Arthritical Hypertension (SAHA) – men are more prone to menstrual than men after menopause after menopause, after menopause. But we must say that it is very important.

"One of the three women died because of heart ailments in our country, one in five of the gynecological cancers died," she says: "After 40 years, women should consider cardiologist and go to gynecologist," he added in his speech to LA GACETA after a speech at the third Johnnas Tucqueus DTA.

Another view is required

We are not the same, because the differences can approach infinity, genderism is a "biased comparison" involving biological variations related to sex and social and cultural indications of gender. Silberman and his colleague explains Salary of pay (Former President of Cardiovascular Disease in Women's Committee of the Argentine Federation of Cardiology in an article by Federation Magazine).

"Recognize that the second sex in medical hypothesis is a forerunner of foreclosure and how the genes, stereotypes or social, educational and cultural experiences are influencing the disease," writes The Writer.

Sexual and gender combine and leads to different risk profiles. "Hormonal influence in women affects all stages of life, and estrogens have a cardiovascular effect, including the metabolism of cholesterol, working in the walls of blood vessels, and bone metabolism, osteoporosis, which reduces estrogen and increases angios. Boom will increase, "Sylerman explains.

Generate awareness of uranium. Judith Silberman is recommended by women for a consultation with a cardiologist after age 45.

Specifically: after menstruation and after woman, if we are infected with HBP, there will be more three times heart failure than men. If we are diabetic then five times more.

Another fact: Do not alter the cardiovascular risk in long-term hormone surgeries, postmark and woman women or transgender women. That is, it is not safe to get estrogen, but there will be no problem if you have more than five years of smoking, centering, overweight or cholesterol amendments unless you have prior risk factors.

This is not all; Traditionally, cardiovascular diseases are "male disease". But the body must be thrown down. Our body is "design" in another form, he adds.

"The arteries are thicker, their way is more complicated, menstruation in the state of the hormone, the narrowing of the vessels, the obesity, and the increase in the cholesterol (which increases the risk of liver formation).

Signs of symptoms are different. "Ht is associated with headache … but pain relieves tension increases, and he only explains that people aged between 3 and 3 experience a typical symptom (an elephant's feet seem to hit the breast)." Additionally, women are more painful and can reduce their risk .

"Third one woman has a wide variety of symptoms: breath, stomach pain or normal pain, nausea, vomiting, etc.

Different approaches

Just as we are not sick, it should not be the same treatment. Clinical trials to determine the effectiveness of drugs Sibarman explains using a pattern of a difference of between 1.70 and 70kg.

Says the Argentine Federation of Cardiology Journal, Dell syuludayumayi dipnens shared mission, "the FDA (Food and Drug Administration conducted an analysis of the United States of America), 163 drugs used in cardiovascular diseases, more than 40% pharmakealirrik behavior between men and women, and they show a difference. Membrane S concerned, adverse drug interaction out their risk of presenting more women are showing. "Highlights of the text.

"Clearly," she says in the interview, "Just as you do in pediatrics, you must have the medicine at a level." Dos should not be equal if the height is low or the weight is different, do not mention the comorbid seldom … for example, how the liver treats the drugs, how to treat metabolism and other solutions. " Train Health experts received a basic rule of the game, allowing to see the dream.

It's a dream for women to look at themselves.

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