Thursday , August 11 2022

Afirman que 17.000 apps for Android protector datas de los usuarios aunque ellos no lo quieran


En el trabajo, que lleva la firma del director de Privacidad and Seguridad del Icsi, Serge Egelman, aparecen los nombres de aplicaciones muy famosas como los videojuegos Angry Birds Classic y, a loudspeaker of auditoriums and flipboard and most mobile phones from Cheetah Mobile.

Una es esas aplicaciones es Clean Master, un antivirus que se instaló en 1.000 millones de dispositivos.

In the same way, the Egelman states that the identity of a person can not be used as an identifier to the public, as he does not know, and como Imei (the DNI de cada equipo) and the Android ID.


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The Google Privacy Policy is a publicly identifier (publicly known as Como ID Advertising), which proceeds with a number of apps that combine the data as a result of the consent of the consumer.

The Las 17.000 apps have been listed in the Egelman List and are currently working on a unique ID of advertising and advertising.

Google has been working on the Internet, as well as the censorship of the company, as well as the empowering analizó el estudio de Egelman y que "Ya ha tomado medidas con algunas de las aplicaciones", there is a sense of difference between the parties and their decisions. Core que los is a common tool that can be used to identify and disrupt the identification of the identifers of the identifers of the attributes of a particular entity.

You will be able to find the address of the service provider in the service provider's address to the address bar at the and

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